Friday, May 23, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Apothecarion Detachment

The competition for the elites slot heats up significantly with the Apothecarion Detachment (unless you're going for a new-style unbound army of course…).

In a nut shell, they're going to give a selection of your units feel no pain. And this also extends to any independent character who also joins the squad. The utility of these to characters like Praetors and legion consuls is obvious.

However, throw in an augury scanner and they're also going to be useful to back line legion heavy support squads as well as more forward squads to prevent infiltration. Of course, regular squad sergeants can also take these scanners, but in a large points battle, having two of them in a squad can be beneficial if the sergeant perishes and the interceptor rule is still needed.

The other options are a bit bland, but could potentially fit in with similarly armed squads. Combi-weapons, volkite chargers and power swords are all viable in some given situations. Artificer armour is however a reasonable to excellent investment if you think that AP3 is going to be an issue (as opposed to AP1 or 2!).

Here's a few builds.

1 Legion Apothecary, Power Sword, Combi-plasma (65 points)
A lot of points for a 1-wound model perhaps. But this one will be joining a front line squad. Perhaps a seeker or destroyer squad.

3 Legion Apothecaries, all with augury scanners (150 points)
All round utility.

2 Legion Apothecaries, both with artificer armour (110 points)
The apothecaries from Forge World are sold in pairs… so there's two here. Artificer armour to help them survive. And therefore also helps their squad survive. An excellent choice really!

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