Monday, May 19, 2014

Assorted thoughts about the Heresy Weekender

So, by now there are lots of pictures and discussions circulating about what was revealed (or not!) at this weekend's Horus Heresy Weekender. Although I didn't attend personally (maybe next time since I'm now in the right country!), I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts.

Vulkan: whoa - totally awesome! I really liked this "reveal" and the sculpt looks plain fantastic. Just how I pictured this primarch in my mind to be honest. I really like this, and if I were an ardent Salamander fan, this would be on my purchase list even if I didn't play 30k.

Mortarion: I might be one of a minority here. But. I actually didn't like the sculpt. As a long term Nurgle and Death Guard player, there's just something about the sculpt that didn't click for me. Perhaps its the recessed hood and odd back-pack. Maybe its the stature of the guy. Could be the pose with the scythe not looking quite right to my eye (but maybe that's just a function of the photography). But there's something there that I just don't like all that much. I thought Typhus was better to be fair. Okay - I said it. Perhaps you're going to flame me in the comments, but its just an aesthetic that didn't click for me.  Roll on Alpharius(!)

Future books: I really would have like to have heard that they were doing the Prospero book and featuring the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves Legions. Instead that one has been put back on the schedule for reasons that I'm not totally clear on. Perhaps relating to model sculpts or rules testing. I'm not sure.  Instead, we hear that the next book titled "Conquest" will be more focussed on campaigns, and provide lists for none-legion armies. I think this is odd. I would have thought that the Legion army lists and special rules are what is driving sales here (even over and above Mechanicum / Dark Mechanicum / Imperial Army lists). Hence I would have at least liked to have seen rumoured a new legion described. Even the Ultramarines at the Battle of Calth would have been awesome to hear about. But without a new legion being introduced, the temptation to purchase this one might be lower than the previous ones.  Hmmmm.

Other than that, I've been impressed with the other miniatures we've been seeing. The Word Bearers possessed look very nice (but similar in some ways to the current plastic range, hence I suspect players like me won't be buying them!). The imperial guardsman looks okay, and the rumour of the guardswoman sounds good as well -- looking forward to seeing that executed in resin. I'm not a fan of the mechanicum, but the vehicles do look good in a kind of reductionist way. Overall, very happy, but would have liked more legions in the next book.  Pretty please?

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