Friday, April 2, 2021

Horus Heresy Review: Nakrid Thole

Thole is arguably a quintessential Night Lord preator writ in flesh. He's never fought with the Emperor, and never set foot on Terra. He was obedient to the Night Haunter, but only up until the point he left the legion, and then he was happier to get stuck into the targets he wanted to rather than be subjected to Imperial rules. 

After clawing his way up the ranks, he had a good company of killers at his side and when Curze made haste for Thramas, Thole did what he wanted: killed at will.

Thole comes with a standard Praetor stat line and a balanced set of equipment that I regard as flavorful for the Night Lords. 

The Valour's Shadow rule means that he cannot be targeted within a large group of marines, and sometimes he won't count toward the kill tally for victory points since he's (cowardly) slinked away (with a tactical retreat to live another day). 

He comes with two interesting weapons in the form of a flay-whip, and the Devil's Due (a sort of over-powered power hatchet). I think that unless he is facing off against a large blob, the whip probably won't see that much play. The Devil's Due is superior thanks to its AP2 and S+2 boost most of the time. With that said, the combination of the pair can be powerful in the right circumstances. The whip might well reduce an enemy to I=1, and then the Devil's Due will swing in prior to an enemy striking at I=1 to finish them off nicely. It is a characterful combination, but not hideously over-powered.

Like many Night Lords, Thole wants to be in close combat, and quick. He will also need company as the Talent For Murder special rule is too good to overlook for him. Night Fighting will also appeal for Thole as well. 

Thole is a solid Praetor for the Night Lords legion, if not categorically outstanding.  He will likely see use in the rite of war bearing his moniker: the Cross of Bone. 

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