Saturday, April 10, 2021

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Jetbike Sky Seeker Squadron

Much like the Hussar Squadron, this unit is remarkable for its existence as a troops selection within the Horus Heresy game (albeit a support squad).

As might be expected, this squadron is made up of jetbikes, which are described as being of the Estoc class -- a lightweight speedy vehicle that lacks the armour of the scimitar pattern.  

Entertainingly, the Estoc class are thought of as being unreliable due to a high failure rate in harsh environments and an onerous maintenance routine that is required. Hence the legions think of them as being both a scouting asset, but simultaneously a bit of a liability in the longer term.

The oracle array that these jetbikes carry is an interesting upgrade. On the one hand, they all count as carrying an augury scanner. In addition, they can designate a nearby target at the start of their shooting phase. All other units get +1 to hit against that target for one turn. The price is that this counts of the unit's shooting. Hence although an asset, a legion force needs to be kitted out to take advantage of this. The White Scars might be able to do this naturally, but other legions might struggle to take advantage of this without specific builds.

There are not actually too many weaknesses here. The points cost is nice and you are getting what you pay for, pretty much. 

Here are several builds to mull over, all with different battlefield functions.

Sky Seeker Squadron (100 points).
Yes: the "naked" choice. It has a dual role of designating targets where required, and as being a distraction unit to the enemy. 

Sky Seeker Squadron with 10 members, all with heavy rotor cannons; sergeant with power fist and melta bombs (345 points).
For those of you who like withering firepower. With salvo 3/4 on the heavy rotor cannons, this squad can get to where it needs to be and lay down a good amount of firepower that can be enough to strip the wounds off even terminator units. The powerfist and melta bombs are there to taste, and represent just my own prejudice. 

Sky Seeker Squadron with 5 members, all with grenade launchers; sergeant with powerfist and hand flamer (225 points).
I like the flexibility of being able to use krak and frag grenades on this squad, or maybe even using bolt pistols if needed. The powerfist is there for obvious reasons, whilst the hand flamer is the counter-charge deterrent. 

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