Monday, April 5, 2021

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Hussar Squadron

Hussar squadrons are armoured bikes for the space marine legions. They take on a variety of roles for the legions including recon, and assault for which they are valued. To my mind, they are the first response for many legions, and have the ability to not only screen other units, but also launch attacks where required whilst other units are setting up. 

Apart from begin expensive meat-shields, the hussars are fundamentally a troops selection, although they are classed as a support squad. The hit and run special rule is universal here and fits nicely with a strike and fade style of play that could see ready use with (e.g.) Raven Guard, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, and others beyond that even. 

Only the squad sergeant can take the majority of upgrades -- sadly, this includes melta bombs. 

Indeed, the only upgrade permitted to the entire squad is the replacement of the bike's twin-linked bolt guns with the snub rotor cannons. I'm not sure about this upgrade to be honest. On the one hand, the rate of fire (salvo 4/5) is really good. However, the S=3 and AP=6 for this weapon makes is a dubious choice, but the real killer for me is the range of 12 inches. The twin-linked rule makes up for this though. The bolt gun outshines this for tactical play, but against weaker opponents (mechanicum, etc.), the rotor cannon could really shine in combination with hit and run. It just depends on the opponent and the style of play the controlling player is aiming for.

5 Hussars, sergeant with melta bombs, power fist (170 points).
Something of a baseline squad this one. The idea here is one of flexibility and small unit harassment: charge a transport to place a melta bomb, or take pot shots at the enemy lines.

10 Hussars, all with twin-linked snub rotor cannons, sergeant with power lance (410 points).
This build is a bit scary: salvo 40/50 being pumped out from close range with twin-linked can readily dent a hole just by the sheer number of shots. The power lance is present here as the squad will hit and run after the turn it has charged.

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