Friday, November 7, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Sicaran Battle Tank

Much has already been said of this tank elsewhere in the blogosphere. But I'm going to say it regardless: this tank is amazing.

The primary armament is simply awesome. The ability to pump out 6 lots of S7 rending shots every turn that denies jink saves cannot be understated. Seriously: denying jink saves! Where-else can you get that ability?!

I only have a few potential builds for this tank since I think even the none upgraded version is worthwhile.

Sicaran Tank, Armoured Ceramite (155 points)
A bit of extra durability in this meta can be vital -- the ability to hose down the effects of meltas can be life saving (tank saving!), but won't help against las cannons clearly.

Sicaran Tank, Lascannon sponsons, armoured ceramite (195 points)
A tank to almost (but not quite) rival a land raider - minus the transport capacity. 

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