Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Seeker Cavalcade and Exalted Chariots

A seeker cavalcade is a squad of seeker chariots or exalted seeker chariots in any combination.

On the negative side, these chariots have only 2 HP each and are only AV11 on the front (10 on the rear).  This makes them very flimsy to say the least.  A good volley of bolter fire to the back can readily take them out.  The exalted versions has a bit more staying power with 4 HP each.  But it is still fundamentally weak.

The flesh shredder is a S4 rending hammer of wrath attack.  Sure, it gets d6 hammers per HP, but the S4 isn't much really.  On the flip side, the exalted alluress' ability to gain attacks via unsaved wounds from the hammer of wrath attacks is an interesting combination.  But its never going to be very high I suspect.  (that's to say: not high like a greater daemons..., or Angron...).

Customizability comes in the shape of lesser and greater rewards.  But, again, I'm not sold.  These beasts shouldn't need them.

BUT: on the good side: they're only a little bit more pricey than a rhino (for the basic seeker chariot).  But heck, a rhino can ram, fire guns, machine spirit, has more HP, deploy smoke... they're just better really.  AND: they're competing against soul grinders in the heavy support slot.  So, overall: I'm not sold on them.

And that concludes the Daemons Codex review from Warpstone Flux.  I'm taking a little holiday soon so will leave you with the company of Eldrad Vect :)


Lillian Charles said...

I keep reading about how chariots suck and i cant help but think how have GW done them so wrong in 40k? In Fantasy chariots rock. How toughness, nic amount of wounds, a nice armour save... somehow that translates into an open topper vehicle with poor AV?


jabberjabber said...

Hi Ian,
Yes, there is a stark difference between the two formats. I actually preferred the approach of the previous daemons codex: a large number of wounds, but still vulnerable in the sense of a low toughness value (i.e. none of this AV stuff for chariots!)

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