Thursday, July 11, 2019

Bigmeks Workshop Tiles Resin Bases

I recently purchased a set of 32mm resin bases from a company that I've not tried out before: Bigmeks-workshop.

Naturally, the idea behind this purchase is to have a set of scenic bases that I don't have to put as much effort in to creating as my normal miniatures would otherwise demand. The design I got is the Tiles range (mark two). Their appearance is one of a ruined urban or temple area. Although in some ways the design is fairly basic, I like them from the simplicity point of view. Indeed, the simple shattered tile is much more appealing from an ease of painting view point compared to others that I've tried in the past (e.g., the more complex, but admittedly good looking back2basix range I own; or the magnificent Scibor range).

The bases come in a variety of designs, all on the same theme. I'm sure if I had the time, I could craft something similar and cast them in resin myself. But. That's also part of the reason for buying off another supplier. Fundamentally, the bases are the broken tiles sat on top of rubble. I will get these painted up soon as I'd like to use them in conjunction with some other miniatures that I have on the boil. But more on that at a later date. For now: I'm happy with the purchase and price that I've paid for them. Yes: other companies have a higher level of detail, but they do cost more. That's not an issue for me here though.

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Looks wonderful! I've always loved those floors.workshop floor tile

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