Monday, December 4, 2017

Complete Promethian Forge

Its been a little while coming, but the Promethian Forge is finally completed. 

For this scenery piece, I wanted to adopt the same modular approach that I had started to take with the Ferratonic Incinerator. Indeed, I want both of my assembled kits to be interchangeable with each other and also be transportable. Hence although this piece looks glued together in this particular configuration, it is not. The octagonal platform for instance is in two parts - one containing the chimney and one containing the other have plus the first segment of the bendy walkway. The other bend constitutes the other fragment of the overall modular design.

Having learnt my lesson the hard way with the Ferratonic Incinerator, I made sure to dry fit each and every under-hanging bit to the piece before gluing it in to place. Moreover, this meant that I could readily add the sidewalk shields or bannisters (sorry, not really sure what the correct noun is for them yet!) without worrying where the support struts actually were located. 

The kit is large, and I have intentionally made it apparently even bigger by making it occupy as much of a horizontal distance as possible. I did not want to opt for the picture on the front of the box where the curved walkways are surrounding the central octagonal platform. This serves the purpose making sure more of the board appears to be covered in scenery (to be clear, I know it is the same area, but having it more snaking around the board creates a bigger impact which is something that I want). 

In future posts later this week, I want to show the modularity of the kit in two ways. Firstly in the vertical direction, and then by combing it with the Ferratonic Incinerator to make a centre piece building. They both have their pros and cons in terms of gaming, and I'll talk through them this week.


WestRider said...

The little clips that go underneath the walkways are incredibly helpful for keeping this stuff modular and transportable, but still stable on the board.

Mordian7th said...

Looking good, man - That really is a cool set!

Frothing Muppet said...

I do love the look and idea of this terrain collection but wonder slightly if the undercroft of it will be as functional as the heights. By that I mean the sets appear to give a lot of verticality, where the bannisters act to provide plenty of cover on top, but there doesnt appear much happening below at ground level aside fro the main structure of the furnace? Unless I haven't understood how the supports work, the walkway stilts would not provide a lot of cover, so there is a need to find more scatter terrain otherwsie the base of the board would be empty.

I am looking forward to seeing how this piece works with the other one. I enjoyed following along to the chap from GW who designed this stuff putting out suggestions on how to maximise its use on twitter, and then the follow on video by Duncan showing the sets have great promise if a bit of thought is put into how you tie them together.

WestRider said...

@Frothing Muppet: Some of the other Sector Mechanicus kits have more ground-level parts, but in general, you do need some more lower-level Terrain to really make it work. It's also good to have some mid-level things like single level constructs using old Necromunda bulkheads, or something like the Plasma Regulators or Munitorum Shipping Containers, because the SM levels are 5" high, which is more than some Models can go in a single regular Move.

Frothing Muppet said...

Cheers buddy. GW's smaller terrain stuff is great looking as well and the whole range is intended to work together so it wouldn't be hard to through in some reactors/regulators for the understory.

WestRider said...

I just got the Regulators, and I really like them. Not sure about their price point to coolness ratio, but the raw coolness of the Models is pretty high. And they do (literally) fill a couple of important gaps in Sector Mechanicus Terrain.

jabberjabber said...

I haven't got the regulators just yet, but am tempted. Although I think I might get the plasma conduits first to be honest.

I haven't quite made my mind up about whether more scenery is needed or not ... more play testing required!

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