Thursday, November 30, 2017

Messing around with Tree Making again

One item of scenery that I keep on returning to time and time again are trees. They seem to be a very ubiquitous item of scenery that every modeller from train enthusiasts through to fantasy and far flung future table top gamers seem to want to make - and often in bulk as well.

This effort is simply an experiment. It follows the same prescription for the wire mesh frame that I have used extensively in the past to create the trunk and root system. Several wires of florist wire are bunched together, twisted, folded and twisted again to make this kind of frame. On top of the twisting, I then apply several layers of filler, allowing each layer to dry off before the next one is applied.

The main difference for this tree is that I have added a bit of plastic fish bowl decoration to the top of the wire mesh frame. These items are relatively cheap and can be seen in the background of previous posts I've made here. Just a dab of superglue and its done.

I've mounted the tree on top of a 32mm base - this can be used to infer the scale. Its taller than a Primaris marine but rather stick thin in the middle. 

I think I need to do a bit more experiments on this - including painting up the trunk of this particular tree to see how it looks. My first step will be to expand the girth of the trunk as I cannot quite make my mind up if a thin trunk looks correct with such a bushy upper foliage or not. I think it could go both ways really, but I'd like to at least entertain what a difference a bigger trunk might make to the tree - and to line of sight blocking at minimum. 

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