Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Large Sector Mechanicus Forge

This is what happens when one combines a Ferratonic Incinerator to a Promethian Forge in a horizontal layout (rather than a vertical direction).

In terms of just the sheer dimensions, this is more than enough for a centrepiece item of scenery. One could easily imagine this being at high level tournaments on various boards. However, I think that to truly do a board complete justice, one may wish to have double this (i.e. two lots of each) to fully complete a board's look. This would have the knock-on effect of creating more line of sight blockages, and interesting areas to run around on top, as well as fire from. In some ways, the walkways at the top are rather exposed. Hence although my thought was "I may need more of theses sets", perhaps what is instead required is simply an abundance of ancillary pieces to finish the look of the board. In particular, the crates sold by GW provide a good counter balance to the walkways with true line of sight (solid) blocking and several of them scattered around would be a good thing to employ. Pipelines as well at ground level would be a superb addition to complement what is already here. 

I will leave it at that for today ... the snow is falling and the ice is forming thick underfoot locally ...


WestRider said...

Yeah, the big Sector Mechanicus kits are nice for "framing" a table, but they do need to be filled in with scatter terrain and ground-level LoS blockers. Fortunately, crates, barrels, and shipping containers, whether GW's or from any of a number of third parties, will do wonderfully, and fit the aesthetic perfectly.

Dave Weston said...

I took a screen grab of GWs Twitch feed the other day to illustrate what they feel is sufficent terrain:

Indeed the Munitorum Containers and the Sector Mechanicus terrain works really well together.

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