Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Old Earth

Announced today via the Warhammer Community website, the latest Horus Heresy book from the Black Library that will be hitting the shelves in December this year is entitled "Old Earth" with the subtitle of "The the Gates of Terra". 

Ostensively a Salamanders Legion book, it promises to tell the tale of what happens next in Primarch Vulkan's on-going saga. On-going, since he simply will not die. Having been bodily transported to Mount Deathfire, he re-awakens once more at the end of the previous book. The outline for Old Earth suggests that he will have to choose between vengeance and duty. I think the title of the book kind of gives away what he might be choosing ultimately. However, we know in the background tales it is the White Scars (already depicted in the Horus Heresy series) and Blood Angels who reach Terra to join up with the Imperial Fists to defend against the oncoming storm of traitors and chaos powers. So what is with Vulkan choosing to go to Earth? Presumably he doesn't make it? Or is somehow way-laid. Or better yet, unlike the promotional material, perhaps he does opt for vengeance after all and that is why he never made it back. Heck, Vulkan has been put through literal hell between what happened to him at the hands of his brother, Night Haunter, and several other things besides (burning up in an atmosphere being near the top of the list as well). 

More than this, there is a throw-away line in the description for Old Earth that really got me interested. There are rumours of the mysterious return of Ferrus Manus as well. I mean, what the? How did this come about? Surely at best he was a fragment of a conscience inside Fulgrim's rattling brain. 

On the upside, only a few more months to wait to determine the answer to these riddles and questions. Will any ret-conning be happening? Or will Vulkan and the Salamanders never make it back to the Throne World after all. I'm going to wager on the latter. They won't deviate from the established background that significantly. Let's just not talk about Emperor Sanguinius, okay?


Greg said...

I think Vulkan is destined to be down in the "cellars" and holding the gate to the webway against all the chaos forces still down there. That's been something hinted at throughout the series.

Just another mad Catholic said...

I have not, nor have I ever heard of Sanguinius crowning himself emperor, nor have I heard of the Avenging Son suggesting that his Father was dead.

jabberjabber said...

Greg -- Yeah, I picked up on those themes as well. But it did get me wondering. If Vulkan is assigned to the cellars, then why was the Emperor necessary on the Thorne as well. Plus: I think I recall that Vulkan was present at the vote to rend the legions down in to chapters and the 2nd founding. If he was, then why was he no longer needed in the cellars? Oh well. I won't think about that too hard I guess! lol! :)

Just -- Glad to hear it.

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