Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Aquarium Scenery

On the occasional visit to a large shopping mall, or to a local specialist shop, I will sometimes browse the aisles looking for aquarium items. Having owned fish in the past, I can at least hold a sensible conversation about them with a retailer. But that is not the reason I look these days. Instead, I like to see if there are any cheap-ish items of scenery available for wargaming purposes. 

In the past, I've come across a number of gems ranging from gel-like plants or reef items, through to buildings that have been cast for fish to swim through.

This particular example that I picked up recently is a plastic tree-like item with a hard base that appears to be made out of a combination of rocks and resin. As a stand-alone piece it is large enough to provide significant cover for any troops or even light tanks in the surrounding area. The size of it can be gauged from my hand in the picture. It is approximately just over 10cm tall with an extent about half of that horizontally. As for the cost - 3 UK pounds. Not bad overall and it will come in for several gaming mats that we already own.

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