Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ramblings about the Death Guard Codex and Miniatures

My long term blog readers will be away that I have various soft spots for some armies, and am an avid collector of others. The latter includes the Death Guard of the 40k era.

Thus far, I have held off purchasing any more Death Guard chaos space marine miniatures. This has been for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I felt that I had completed my Death Guard collection a number of years ago and I had almost everything that I could have wanted to have in my collection (plus or minus some concessions). Vindicators, chaos lords on bikes, predators, plaguebearers, plague marines, and their rhinos were amongst many that I own and have played extensively with over the years and generally not embarrassed myself at tournaments with either. Also, I've been working on other things of later (e.g., my 30k Alpha Legion force) which is approaching a similar level of completion.

However, now that the Death Guard Codex has been announced recently along with the other codex releases (e.g., core space marines, etc.), I am sorely tempted to get back in to the Death Guard. I think the new codex is exactly what the community has been wanting for many MANY years to be honest. Well, even just cult terminators would have made many people happy I think. Myself included. I wonder what other delights the Grandfather Nurgle might have included in that book for us?

How have other people been finding the new miniatures?
At first, I thought that they were a bit dis-proportioned and not quite up to the same quality as the Forge World upgrade set. But now I'm not so sure. I do like the look of the pox walkers to say the least. And an army of shambling plague zombies does appeal at some level. But I'm still torn and not too sure.

Anyway, those are my internal ramblings for today. More in future weeks no doubt!


John Stiening said...

The new miniatures are inspiring. I think you should just jump back and in and enjoy the golden age of the Death Guard. I'm so enthused that I've almost completed the box. That is on top of painting a hell brute, rhino, daemon prince, and regular chaos pa guys to join them.

WestRider said...

I didn't pick up Dark Imperium, because I've got way too much on my plate right now, but First Strike seemed like about the right amount to get as a sampler of the new stuff without overloading myself too badly. Very interested in getting to actually work on them myself, and add a new generation of Plague Marines to my force.

Frothing Muppet said...

I'm waiting on my Dark Imperium to come in from my stockist of choice before finalising my thoughts on the new miniatures. I'm worried at the scale/bulk increase between editions. I have a bunch of the FW upgrades married to 30K Iron Armour (Mk3) parts. Its awesome that GW main went the same route, but it looks to my eyes like there is a scale difference between the FW/GW Mk3 releases and the new Death Guard stuff, even though its based on the Mk3 aesthetic. Plus, they seem to have settled on tentacles being the new Death Guard thing and pushed that heavily across the new range, as well as the belly mouth thing. Some of that can be cleaned up with careful cutting and GS'ing, but its a bother I'd rather not have had. So I guess I'm sitting on the side of the minis are cool for what they are, but for what I am looking for, its a case of they could have done with more is less. I'm holding off final opinions until I have models in hand that I can put up against my older figures and see what can be made of them.

Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

I belong to some 30k Death Guard facebook groups and lots of people are painting the Dark Imp minis in 30k colours.

They look far better, the pale background makes the gribbly bits easier to see, its not just big green blobs.

I do think painted in 40k colours they look very busy.

Not a fan of the poxwalkers, I actually prefer my Mantic zombies. I'll paint them but they are too cartoony for me.

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