Saturday, February 1, 2014

A large collection

So, this post on Bell of Lost Souls has been doing the rounds lately. I'm breath-taken by the scale of it in all honestly (just like I was when I first saw an entire space marine chapter assembled and painted up).

The original post can be found here (in Korean) from Shreneo.  It has a few more pictures than the image hosting site does (I think).

What strikes me is not only the scale of this project, but also the paint work that has been undertaken. This is clearly not a shoddy paint job (maybe the plague marines need another coat yet, but that's about the worst I can say) - the eldar in particular look very impressive to me -- all authentic colours and executed with a level of detail that speaks of dedication of a high order ... and plenty of available time to undertake such an endeavour.  Tremendous!

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