Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Inquisition: 5 Reasons Why it is Awesome

Hi Everyone, Eldrad Vect here, sorry I haven't posted a lot lately, its a busy time of year and as we get closer to Christmas, it's only going to get worse. Anyway, that's off topic, we are talking about the Inquisition here and how great it is. Personally, I love this codex... supplement... whatever it is, it's so good but this is just my opinion and is very much open to debate. So I've made a list of the five best things about the new Inquisition.

Number 1. Allies rules.
Firstly I love this solely because I can ally with every race a collect and play, but not only that, an Inquisition force can ally WITHOUT taking up your Allies Detachment slot, (good for you Chaos guys who have a Traitor Guard and want a Corrupt Inquisitor to join the party). I'll give you a quick run down of who they can ally with, IG, Space Marines (including Codex Chapters) and Adepta Sororitas are Battle Brothers, Eldar are AoC, Dark Eldar and Tau are Desperate Allies and everyone else can't ally.

2. A Converter's Dreamland.
I am pretty well known for my conversions and I love doing them, now the Inquisition has a lot of potential for converting already but I play Ordo Xenos which gives me so many possibilities it's crazy, I have already built a Deathwatch Carcharodon out of one of my useless Death Company Marine and spliced it up with some Grey Knight and Chaos Raptor bits to create an epic character or even my Ancient Eldar Tutelary (that counts as a Psyker and accompanies my Half-Eldar Psyker) made from a Dire Avenger and Wood Elf Glade Guard bits (which I will post up when they are finished). It's fun to muck around with bits and you can even build a whole Inquisition force out of spare bits if you like, don't have to pay a cent.

Number 3. FoC.
New, Funky, Fresh and you only have to take one HQ... that's all there is to that.

Quatro. Coteaz is a Boss.
In the Grey Knights Codex Inquisitor Coteaz was one of the greatest heroes anyone could choose, not only was he a cheap HQ in an otherwise expensive codex but he unlock Henchmen as troops making him widespread throughout the meta and well, pretty much everyone had him. In this Inquisition dex Coteaz is pretty much the same, except for one little thing, his rule that made Henchmen Squads troops, The Lord of Formosa, changed... now it states that Henchmen Squads count as Scoring NO MATTER WHAT DETACHMENT THEY ARE! This is huge, imagine the carnage and horror a list of Tau backed up by a squad of scoring Arco-Flagellants charging the enemies would be, this is just an example of course but truly, Coteaz is a boss.

Lastly. Flexibility.
The Inquisition is a flexible army allowing for both fun and competitive builds, full armies to a small warband, diverse and spammy, all these things are available within the dex and its really great to have something that can be so much fun to build and play.

Anyway, that's what I think of the new Inquisition, their are a few things I don't like (like no rules for Inquisitor Valeria) but nothing too major to complain about.


Alan Braggins said...

What's the exact wording of the Inquisition allying rule? Because I've seen people say both that you could join Inquisition to (traitor) Guard and ignore the guard also having Chaos allies, or that since Inquisition can't ally with Chaos they can't be in the same army as Chaos, not just can't be the same detachment.

Eldrad Vect said...

Hi Alan, thanks for pointing that out, it does have a paragraph stating 'Note that the Inquisitorial detachment may have a different relationship to the models
from an army’s primary detachment, and the models that make up that army’s ‘regular’
allied detachment (assuming there are any). For example, if an Inquisitor was part of an
army where the primary detachment were Imperial Guard and the allied detachment were
from the Tau Empire, then the Inquisition would treat the Guard as Battle Brothers, and
the Tau as Desperate Allies'. this is one of those things that GW overlooked when write, I personally don't have a problem play with some who is using, Traitor Guard (primary), Chaos (Allies) and Inquisition together, you will just have to ask your opponent if you are allowed to or not. Until GW brings up FAQs we will most likely have to figure it out on our own, sorry I put it in the article being way too optimistic.

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