Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Space Marine Tactical Squad Points? Did we really get a large point reduction?

Hi All, Eldrad Vect here, the Space Marines codex has been out for a while now and even then the Dark Angels before them, but I have discovered something quite horrifying, most Marine players would have already figured this out too. When the Dark Angels came out everyone was in awe of the fact the humble Tactical marine was dropped from 17 points to 14! this was wonderful for Dark Angel players and something Marine players looked forward to seeing, but was it worth it.
I have put together a few examples of why the points drop have not been a great as we may have thought, I've dusted off my 5th edition Marine dex and started comparing...

First off, your typical Tactical squad setup:
Tactical Marines x10
Sergeant with Chainsword/Bolt Pistol
Missile Launcher
Now, in the 5th Ed codex this setup was 170 Points, due to the fact Flamers and Missile Launchers were free. This was a very common setup, due to its tactical flexibility as well as its practical use when combined with the Combat Squad special rule. Now however, Missile Launchers cost 15 points and Flamers cost 5, add this to the standard 140 points for 10 marines and this equals 160 points. So there is a point reduction here, but only 10 points! you almost can't do anything with that 10 points.

Anyway, onto the next setup, this is the primary Tactical squad that a friend of mine (Crimson Fist player) has used in his army since 5th Ed.
Tactical Marine x10
Sergeant with Power Fist/Plasma Pistol
Plasma Gun
Missile Launcher.
This squads used to cost an absolute fortune, with the sergeant spending way to much cash on the premium Power Fist and Limited Edition 'Dorn' pattern Plasma Pistol, not to mention the Plasma Gun, which would always get hot. This squad racked up a hefty 220 points, but how does it compare now? well, not much better, since the good ol' days Plasma Guns and Missile Launchers have taken a pretty big price hike, the price is 210 points, hmm... I think a pattern is emerging, once again 10 points less, here you are friend! 10 points, go buy yourself a Combi-Grav.

The third one is simply a personal favourite setup of mine, it isn't some ultra competitive tournament winning squad, I just like these weapons and think they
are cool.
Tactical Marines x10
Sergeant with Power Sword/Melta Bombs
Heavy Bolter.
So this was always 195 points, I loved this setup so much I memorized the points and still to this day, have never built this squad. Anyway what is the point difference now? quite simply its a 15 point difference, which is pretty alright, but still not amazing.

I guess in the long run, three squads with a 10 point reduction gives you 30 points all up, sadly though it isn't the huge drop in points most people think, unless you play all Bolter Imperial Fist Tactical squad or are like me and play CC Carcharodons (loving the new CT by the way), in which case you'll have huge 30 point savings per Tactical squad. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting thing to think about, it doesn't matter too much that there isn't a big point difference between additions, since Marines are still really awesome. 


Arclight said...

You don't even really get a 10 pt reduction to those set ups when you consider that a Veteran Sergeant is +10 pts.

Eldrad Vect said...

Hi Arclight, thank you, I'd forgotten that too, so there really is no extra points.

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