Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Colour is Ceramite?

Ceramite -- the stuff that all categories power armour is made out of, and carapace armour to boot.  A composite ceramic metal.  Very good heat insulator (and therefore resistant to energy weapons).

But: what colour is it before the astartes paint it?

In some of the Horus Heresy novels, I think it is noted as being a kind of grey, dull colour (particularly the loyalists who escaped on board the Eisenstein and removed their previous heraldry).  So, is it grey?  Much like the standard plastic colour that marines come in? Or something else (silver?).  

Does this impact how we might paint battle damage? i.e. should sculpted holes from bolt rounds be painted grey rather than silver as I've been doing for a while?  or something else?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Aleksi Lehtio said...

Actually, I'm such a fan of charadon granite, that I'd paint battledamage grey. In my opinion, the overall effect on the mini is more important. Silver might work better then grey and vice versa. I personally wouldn't take it too seriously if I contradict fluff in order to have a nicer looking mini.

It's a good point though, many people paint battle damage silver, although BL novels might point to a matt grey.

MattyJ said...

May be worth consideration that in the Lore the Grey Knights do not paint their armor at all as a symbol of their "purity" so with that I would say ceramite is a dull silver.

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