Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bye bye Goblin Green, Skull White and Others...

The big news of the past few days has been the release of the new set of 145 paints from Games Workshop.  I am actually sad that they have ditched the names of the older paints.  It really represents a complete re-booting of the entire line.  Gone are the days of skull white, to be replaced by white scar (but isn't the white scar symbol red and yellow on a white field? - confusing new names are already confounding me!).  Chaos Black - nice to have known you.  And Gobbo (Goblin) Green's alliteration is also facing a demise.  Indeed, I think I counted over 14 different greens in the new range of paints.

Whilst the choice is much larger and the different classes of paint are a good idea (base, replacing foundation; layers for colours; and a new range of washes / inks), I will certainly miss the old names! (and it'll take a bit of time to get used to the new names and the correspondance of colours to the old ones).  I guess I got sold on the old brand names a long time ago and this new re-boot isn't exciting me as much as it should because of this.

That said, what I am excited by is the specially formulated "dry" range that is intended for pure drybrushing effects.  No more mixing colours with dheneb stone to get a thicker mix. 

But perhaps I should just hop to the other side and go for Vallejo paints from now on?  I've only heard good things about them, but haven't used them very frequently so far (i.e. never painted a whole miniature using Vallejo yet).


Krisken said...

I switched over to Vallejo paints about 2 years ago and haven't looked back since. The eyedroppers are just easier to work with and control how much paint I use. After painting roughly 4 armies I've only run out of black paint so far.

Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

Frontline Gamer said...

I switched over to Vallejo paints years and years ago. I've not regretted my move I have to be honest. They do work differently though to GW's paints, it's only slight but one you need to get used to. I also use a lot of Tamiya paints too. My thoughts on the new Citadel range is that I'll give them a look to see what I think, but it is highly unlikely I'll be switching back.

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