Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introduction: The Wasp Campaign

Over the coming months, our group will be taking part in "The Wasp Campaign".  We will be using Warpstone Flux to keep track of the campaign during that time using the "Wasp Campaign" label.

The campaign will be fought using Planetary / Might Empires tiles that I've been working on (and off) for a while.  The full map is displayed in the image below.  As can be seen, there are a variety of tiles and tile upgrades to be had.  The dis-joint region to the upper left is an orbiting Moon that can be accessed from the main planet via the space ports and the Hive Cities.
There are six players:
Chaos space marine (that's me); Blood Ravens; Black Templars, Dark Eldar, Crimson Fists, and Orks.

The general background for the campaign is as follows.

WASP-987c in the ancient cartographs of the cosmos was known as 68-twelve-three in the Great Cursade, but simply Wasp to its human inhabitants. Brought to compliance by a Luna Wolves expedition, the planet and its moon had long been plagued by ork raids. When the Wolves all but destroyed the ork population and proved the worth of being something greater than a solitary outpost, the human populace readily accepted their part in the greater human empire. The orbiting moon was transformed in to a low-grade forge-planet and 68-twelve-three became a loyal outpost within Segmentum Obscurus.

During the Heresy, the planet declared for Horus after a short and swift internal civil war, and supplied materials for their cause. Following the defeat of Horus, the planet was swiftly brought back in to compliance by the Imperial Fists as part of Guilliman's plans to stabilize human space.

In modern times, the orks have started to plague the planet once more, having had a long time to build their numbers back up again: the home-grown waaaarrrrggggg is threatening the human inhabitants to a scale not seen since the Great Crusade. The Crimson Fists, as inheritors of the Imperial Fists' lineage, have dispatched a garrison to the planet to aid the rulers with the ork threat. But the forces of chaos have not forgotten about the planet either: they want it back as a vital world beyond the Cadian gate, believing that Dorn's lackeys never did fully rid the planet of the Horus supporters. Guided by their sense of duty and an accidental signal picked up by their astropaths and navigators, the Black Templars have also been drawn here. Although they seek the defeat of chaos, they also know of a looming dark eldar threat, are distrustful of the Fists' ability to carry out their duty following the ork over-run of Rynn's world, and are downright bristling (even hostile?) to the Blood Raven's following rumours of their recent actions aboard the Judgement of Carrion and elsewhere. In turn, the Blood Raven's arrival here has been marked by secrecy and stealth: their immediate path toward a Brass Keep deep in otherwise unoccupied territory speaks volumes of their purpose in contrast to the Crimson Fists or Black Templars. Can they be trusted? What is their true purpose? Supporting the human population and the Crimson Fists, or something more transmundane? And scenting blood, the dark eldar are drawn like moths to the flame. But do they also have a deeper purpose?: could that old tower on Wasp have been constructed by exodites millennia ago as one of the more crack-pot locals claims?

In future posts, we will detail the rules by which we're going to fight over the terrain, perhaps post some complementary army lists and certainly tag progress of the players and the battles...


Thor said...

Nice fluff. It looks like it will be a good time. Good job on painting the tiles too.

We once tried to start up a Planetary Empires campaign at my FLGS but it died as soon as it began. I'll be interested to see how this plays out for you all.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Thor,
I'll be posting up the army lists next, followed by some modified rules for using the tiles ... a blend of Might and Planetary empires rules ... stay tuned! :)

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