Sunday, June 9, 2024

World Eaters Conversion: Power Maul Jump Pack Marine

I am always impressed by how even a small conversion or bit swap can change the whole demeanour of a miniature. This is one such case. 

This particular fine specimen has only two changes. The first is the power maul right arm which is taken from the Dark Angels terminators range. The second is the head which is from the Khorne 40k range. There is a little problem with the maul if you look closely. The size of the fist is too large - ever so slightly - for the Heresy range. This is because it is a terminator sized hand. However, I think it still works as a World Eaters jump pack marine for the Heresy range - he's clearly just been flexing a lot? The bit itself really suits the World Eaters - the post is one of sheer barbarism combined with a wicked looking maul that even the Lion might be embarrassed to see his sons utilise once in a while. 

The base has cork on it, with a resin topper to give it a bit of extra height. Overall the miniature is a simple conversion but certainly communicates the violence incarnate of the World Eaters legion through and through. I could easily imagine this marine knocking his opponents off their feet and flinging them to the side with a killer dent in their torsos. 

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