Monday, June 17, 2024

eBay new items this week: Eldar Job Lot, and Domains of Dread

Some new items this week on eBay for folks who might be interested. I've got a job lot / bulk purchase set of classic era Eldar that needs a new home. This includes the boxed set for the Eldar Guardians, an Avatar, a Warlock, Walker, and a variety of other bits and bobs - mostly metal, but plastic arms. 

And I'm also selling Domains of Dread from ADnD second edition Ravenloft. I've had this one for decades, but its not even been used more than a couple of times (I can count them on one hand!). I hope this one in particular can find a new home as it is in a really good state overall!

I've also got a bunch of re-listings that need a new home and some tlc - check them out. 

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