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Horus Heresy 2e Review: Constantin Valdor

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4.5/5 stars, rounded down. Valdor returns in second edition as strong as ever and is now classed as a Primarch.

Valdor is the Captain-General of the Legio Custodes. He has been the Emperor's Right Hand Man for a very long time and is exceptionally deadly and unrelenting once unleashed. He wields artifacts from the big man himself, given to him as relics of the Unification. 

The main change from First Edition is that Valdor is now classed as a Primarch Unit. To be clear: he isn't in the background fluff, but I totally get why the rules got switched up to this unit type for Second Edition.

His stat line is solid with 5's everywhere and WS=7, I=6. He gets counter attack and lightning blows (but only 6+) which will help. 

The main buffs come from his equipment. The Apollonian Spear gives a nice AP2 18 inch bolt gun which also causes concussive. Ouch. In melee, it grants S+2 and AP2 along with murderous strike. The armour is amazing at 2+/3++ and grants Ld=10 to anyone on the Loyalist side who can see his glorious form. Those in the same combat get the same. 

To be clear, he is super deadly in combat. 

Loyalist only. Of course!

For all his strengths, he will not be taking down enemy Primarchs himself. Even Alpharius and Lorgar are going to be a stretch for him. He will need friends. But given the style of army that the Custodes is capable of fielding, this won't be an issue! Indeed, taking LOADS of Custodes is probably almost an auto-win button in many cases, so don't be that jerk and build a nice varied army instead.

A melee monster and legend writ large. Capable of taking on anything short of other primarchs alone, and with his friends will be able to deal even with the Emperor's sons. 


Shaseer said...

Last but not least Valdor can get Deep Strike for him and other three 5-man infantry units for 125 pts

jabberjabber said...

Yes - apologies for this oversight. This upgrade is certainly worth it and almost a unique option for the army! Well worth it.

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