Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Horus Heresy 2e Review: Sentinel Guard Squad

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4/5 stars. I prefer the regular Custodian Guard Squad, but that's not to say this unit isn't great: it strictly is great.

Arguably having a greater degree of coordination than other formations, this squad is fundamentally a defensive configuration. They're still crazy deadly. 

They retain the Custodes stat line but have exchanged their spears for the Praesidium Shields and Sentinel Warblades. This grants them a little extra durability. 

I would advise taking some of those Solarite Power Gauntlets myself. They have "line" so hanging back on an objective is also a fine play for this unit. 

The price to be paid here is slightly less attacking potential. So what? They're still Custodes and they're still powerful. It is true though, I prefer them with spears. Just saying.  I can certainly see them doing well in boarding actions and Zone Mortalis in general though.

3 Sentinels, 1 with Power Gauntlet (180 points).
A base line build. Take at least 1 power gauntlet in each squad, just in case!

5 Sentinels, 1 Vexilla, 2 Power Gauntlets (310 points).
A mid range unit that provides a potent threat. Expand the number in the squad to taste. 

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