Thursday, March 12, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Iron Havoc Support Squad

What do you get when you blend together the best marksmen with heavy weaponry? Iron Havocs would be the answer. These Iron Warriors are clearly the forerunners to the latter day Havocs of the Chaos Space Marines in name, but only in name. The Iron Havocs are far superior to their 40k namesakes though.

Not only do they automatically have tank hunters, but they also have deadly aim to reduce cover saves of their targets by 1 notch. Their armour is hardened and they come with shrapnel bolts in their heavy bolters as standard (see Iron Warriors Legion Rules).

Overall, the baseline unit is one which is going to pin down many enemy units within cover. But their upgrades are also very interesting. For a cheap amount of points we can gain missile launchers that have not only krak and frag, but flak as well. Lascannons also make for an entertaining option. The squad sergeant can take some of the more standard upgrades alongside this. Therefore, for me, the squad comes down to what primary heavy weapon it is going to select. Here are a few ideas.

10 Iron Havocs, all with heavy bolters and shrapnel rounds (310 points)
A little bit pricey, but pretty much assured of doing damage and pinning down a squad you don't want firing back at you. Take out the 5 extra members to go just for annoyance pinning tactics. Replace with auto cannons to taste?

6 Iron Havocs, 5 with missile launchers, sergeant with augury scanner, nuncio-vox and power fist, artificer armour (260 points)
The sergeant is there to help out with the nuncio-box and augury scanner and the power fist is a deterrent to nearby out flankers and the like, whilst the 5 missile launchers do their main job. Add in a few more havocs for fun and extra tank killing if you feel you need it.

5 Iron Havocs, each with lascannons (260 points)
Same price as above (curiously!), but lascannons this time. Although not an anti-air option, they will certainly pose a threat to a dreadnought or tank that happens to show the wrong facing to them.

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