Friday, March 13, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Erasmus Golg

A grim character that's a bit hard to warm to, not unlike some of the Iron Hands to be fair. Golg is a brutal bully of an HQ choice for the Iron Warriors to be fair, and this is reflected in his rules. Not only does he share his Ld value with other Iron Warriors (which is standard fare these days it seems), but he also does a number of other things.

Firstly, he "unlocks" terminators as troops. Hence if you want a pride of the legion style army, then Golg is an excellent way in which to achieve it. The fact that the wording of the rule includes "may" means that both the troops and elites slots can be dedicated to terminators. This is fantastic for this kind of army, and Golg begs to be used in this way, in my opinion.

To doubly back up that opinion, Golg and any terminator squad he joins gains the hammer of wrath rule -- this is a strong encouragement to have Golg as a front line combatant along with a bunch of his terminator underlings.

In and of himself, he's a reasonably standard stat-line, with good WS and BS. He comes with terminator armour (as one might expect) with chain fist and combi-melta, but also a nuncio vox for extra interest!  This combination of arms makes him flexible, but clearly is dedicated to taking out tanks. I therefore think he wants to be in a similarly armed squad (meltas, chainfists, powerfists or thunder hammers at minimum) and possibly be given a land raider to ride in with said squad. Equally, if deep strike is in play, a pure terminator army is entirely plausible (cf. Death Wing).

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