Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rad Missiles (Horus Heresy)

Today, just a short note about the potential of rad missiles before reviewing destroyer squads in Warpstone Flux' Horus Heresy Reviews.

Rad missiles are available to destroyer squads as an exclusive type of weapon (alongside rad grenades - but I'll probably talk about them separately as well). With a missile launcher plus suspension web devoid of krak or frag, these are highly specialist options.

What makes them so great? There are 2 aspects for me that makes them good. Firstly fleshbane. With no need to roll against toughness, these are deadly to any infantry personnel. This, coupled with AP3 and a blast radius creates a highly effective anti-space marine armament.

The effect of rad phage should not be under-estimated either. A reduction of one toughness point for the remainder of the entire game is a substantial negative for the unit that suffers it -- a follow up assault by a destroyer squad employing rad grenades as well should be able to decimate such a unit (with some good die rolls!).

The only real question is whether the armament will reap its points back during a game. On that, I'm not decided yet and would welcome further thoughts.

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