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Horus Heresy Review: Contekar Terminator Elite

We switch away from the Dark Angels in our Horus Heresy Reviews this year to focus on the remaining units contained within Crusade. We begin with the Contekar Terminator Elites from the Night Lords. As a side note, I was hoping to see the Atramentar in this book, but alas, the Contekar are what we are given.

The Contekar were the noble born sons of Nostramo. Corrupt, and showing utter contempt for the Imperial Citizenship, their main concern was with their own standing and status within the legion. Indeed, only the Night Haunter or the First Captain could freely command them, everyone else had to be worthy of their butchery. More than this, they were often sent to change the commander of lesser Night Lord detachments that were deemed unworthy. No wonder Sev sent them everywhere to maintain order.

These terminators are close combat and close range shooting one. They will do terrifically well in boarding actions (zone mortalis) as well as teleporting directly to where they are needed, as well as objective holding. Armed with heavy flamers or a variant Volkite weapon, they need to get close and personal fast. Their chainglaives will do well with AP3 and rending, but I really like the Escaton power claw option that the Dissident can carry in to battle. Access to trophies of judgement to cause fear is the icing on the cake.

With Sevatar in play, the unit can be taken as a personal body guard, but does not have to be deployed with him, which is very nice and spicy. 

They really do poorly in a ranged game. Therefore the play style of these terminators has to be to get where they need to be and engage rapidly. This could be done via teleportation, land raider phobos, or dreadclaw drop pod. All three provide nice options for the controlling player. 

Here are a couple of builds to consider.

5 Contekar, Dissident with Escaton power claw (245 points).  12/Jan/2021: Now costs 255 points.  
A baseline build to put inside transports. 
Add teleport transponders for a total cost of 255 points to generate a distraction unit or objective sitting unit. 

10 Contekar, Dissident with Escaton power claw, 5 volkite cavitors, all with teleport transponders (495 points). 12/Jan/2021: Now costs 470 points.
This is getting expensive in terms of points cost, but is a very nice unit to teleport in to play in enemy lines are wreck havoc. Beware of Salamanders and the like though who don't care about your fear and laugh at your flamers with their own ones. Add 5 more bodies to taste. 

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jabberjabber said...

Today (12/Jan/2021), there are updates available to this unit. They can be found on the Warhammer Community here:
and here:

These updates change the points cost of the unit such that the basic unit is more expensive, and larger units are cheaper. This is okay, but it does make the heavy flamer and volkite the same price (i.e. baseline: they get an either / or choice of which weapon to take. This is okay, but wasn't necessary, and is somewhat out of line with previous pricing approaches to units in 30k, and more like a 40k thing).

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