Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Games Workshop Cardiff

It has been many years since I was last in Wales. I was more recently in New South Wales to be honest, rather than South Wales! But I finally made it back to the nation recently and, as per usual, decided to take a wander around the city and find the local Games Workshop store. This particular one, in common with the growing trend, is badged as a Warhammer store.

The picture above shows the front of the store. It is physically located on (the appropriately named) High Street in the city, toward the north west side of the pedestrianised area and near to the Castle (now a big tourist attraction). As Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, the city is spread a bit, but it is nowhere near the size of London for instance -- traversing the shopping precinct / pedestrianised area is very simple and takes only a matter of 20minutes from end to end assuming no traffic.

Transport in to the city is readily available through train, road, and even an airport, plus it has good public transport links making the store simple to get to on foot.

One thing that I did notice immediately is the lack of posters in the front window. In comparison to other stores, it did look fairly low key. However, maybe I just visited at an odd time? I don't know.

Regardless, inside the window was a display (pictured above) with a knight and mechanicum forces facing off against chaos. Toward the right hand side of the store were displays in cabinets (pictured below) that contained all sorts of quality miniatures and armies.

Physically the store is of moderate size, but not the biggest one I've ever been in at all. From the interior posters, it looked like there was plenty going on (e.g., a Shattered City: Underworld tournament in a few weeks time, and plenty of "beginner" events to boot). The staff were also great - top notch.

Overall, I would certainly complement this store, but perhaps it needs a little more in the front window?

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