Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shambling Plaguebearer of Nurgle

This is a plaguebearer sculpt that I fondly refer to as the Shambler Model.  This particular chap has been base-coated with a semi-random blend of leathery yellows, browns and subtle greens.  Several washes of brown later, and the miniature's diseased flesh is brought together in to an unwholesome entity.  

As with many plaguebearers, this model has a variety of sores and pus-filled spots scattered over its body.  These have been variously picked out with reds, pinks, yellows and cream colours.  

Meanwhile, the chains and metallic portions are painted in a rusty bronze colour whilst the plaguesword is done in my odd blue colour to give him a sense of unity with the rest of the Nurgle outfit that I field.

The base has a mixture of fine black grit (dry-brushed in grey), with flock, scatter, and cast-off metal bits and hirst arts odds-and-ends.

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