Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pink Warp Rift Objective

This is the second of a series of objectives that I'm constructing for use with all types of my chaos armies.  The previous objective (a blue one) can be seen on this page.

As with the previous one, I've mounted the agate crystal slice on a 40mm base and used greenstuff (milliput in this case) with a liberal amount of superglue to fix it in to position. The base has had fine sand as well as larger stones from the 40k basing kit added to it.  A bit of drybrushing later, and the effect is complete.  I may add some further grass to this particular base just to contrast with the otherwise stony and urban decay feeling of the base.


Thor said...

Great idea. It's simple and effective.

Tristan said...

Looks smashing mate. So pink is for your slannesh theme, blue tzeentch - do you plan a red and green one as well? ;)

Dan said...

Wow, this is a fantastic idea and a great end result. I will have to give this a shot.

MJ;-) said...

Excellent work.

Suggestion. If you *do* add static grass, make it the brown kind to simulate dead grass near such a powerful source of corruption.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Everyone!

@Tristan -- Actually, that is the broad plan ... but red agate slices look pink as well, so Khorne may be problematic.

@MJ -- terrific suggestion mate!

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