Thursday, March 2, 2017

Inferno and Nikaea Positioning

It. Is. Here! Finally, after what feels like a very long wait, I have Horus Heresy Book 7: Inferno in my hand! I'm really excited!

I'm in the process of digesting and evaluating the materials contained within, and full reviews of units, tactics, builds and so forth will follow in the fullness of time. 

For today, I wanted to note how the Legions felt about the use of psykers at the time of the Council of Nikaea. This is information that is contained in Inferno in the first few pages, but has never been one hundred per cent clear to me personally. Here's a brief summary, but leaving out the other characters beyond the legions.

Fulgrim; Jaghatai Khan; Konrad Curze; Sanguinius; Roboute Guilliman; Magnus; Lorgar Aurelian; Vulkan; Alpharius.

Perturabo; Leman Russ; Ferrus Manus; Angron; Mortarion.

Lion El'Jonson; Rogal Dorn; Horus Lupercal; Corvus Corax

Favouring censure of Magnus, regardless of the above:
Lion El'Jonson; Rogal Dorn; Corvus Corax; 

Hence the majority of the legions were rather in favour of the use of psykers overall. There were others that were very con psyker use though, including the Kelbor-Hal the fabricator general and others besides. Despite this, it was clear that the Emperor had to act to decide the (growing) issue -- and this set up the scene for what would be to come. 

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