Friday, November 6, 2015

Tomorrow, your allegiance will be tested

In an email from Forge World just moments ago, an excellent graphic of (what seems to be Isstvan V) legionaries fighting across a ruined city dropped.

Alongside the graphic came the words:

"Tomorrow, your allegiance will be tested" as the email's title, and then in the substance of the email:
"Traitor or Loyalist, your Legion awaits."
"Betrayal is just the beginning…"
"Saturday 7th November 2015  10:30AM".

Anyone know what's happening? What is this teaser about? I'm stumped!


Kraggi said...

I wonder I they are going to concurrently release some stuff to go with Betrayal at Clath?

jabberjabber said...

That would tally! Pity this is replacing the usual Friday release though.

Resonance said...

It's the box sets plus legion heads etc being sent from FW

Zzzzzz said...

Book 5 ?

jabberjabber said...

It was the box plus upgrade components bundled by FW.

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