Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Asmodai

New in this codex iteration is Asmodai -- the Master Interrogator-Chaplain.

He's a fairly typical chaplain champion to be honest.  He is set apart by not only having the standard equipment (think rosarius, crozius arcanum), but also wields the Blades of Reason: an instant death melee weapon, but otherwise nothing special to mention about this relic to be honest.

He comes with The Hunt as his warlord trait (as Ezekiel does) which offers bonus victory points for HQ slayage.  To be fair, I think Ezekiel does it better and he's only 5 points more.  And really, that's the crux of my argument about Asmodai.  To be blunt: I don't think he cuts the mustard as well as Ezekiel does.  Asmodai is characterful and causes fear and has the standard inner circle and chaplain rules, but that's it.  Nothing but an instant death weapon to set him apart.  Lots of other characters do things he does not, *and* do the kind of things that he does to boot.  For me, I don't think he's worth the points, sorry.

So, if we want to run him, I'd be putting him in a land raider / drop pod with a tooled up squad for close combat.  Charge him in with the large squad and cause some havoc.  A fairly standard tactic.  Alternatively, keep him in an Imperial Bastion with a devastator squad and use his BS to shoot an Icarus or Quad Gun.  I'm sure his colleagues will bring him victims to interrogate at the Bastion.  

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