Friday, November 20, 2020

Iron Hands Medusan Immortals 5/5

Rounding off the squad of Iron Hands Medusan Immortals at number 5 is this marine. Along with his brothers, he is also a survivor of the massacre by the traitors in the opening moments of the Horus Heresy. As befits such a survivor, he has battle damage in places, and plentiful mud scattered over his feet, lower legs, and shield. 

I enjoyed painting the battle damage on to this one in particular as it offered a chance to experiment with a couple of techniques. On the shield, one of these techniques is visible: a silvered surface surrounded by scorched black marks suggestive of explosive tipped ammunition shattering on the shield (i.e. bolt gun rounds). Once more, I'm happy that I didn't glue this one together before managing to paint his left shoulder pad. Although some of it is obscured by the shield, I'd know it was unpainted if I left it in there undone. 

A post featuring the full squad in all their glory will be made soon enough. Stay tuned. 

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