Sunday, February 4, 2018

Alpharius and the Lernaeans

So much goodness coming forth from Nottingham this weekend. Ranging from the Siege of Terra news through to Necromunda miniatures and new ranges. News of the Scouring that will follows the Emperor on the Golden Throne through the Angelus being split up and Malevolence being next with Blood Angels, White Scars, Daemons, and bonus rules for the Alpha Legion and Space Wolves amongst others. I am sad that the Dark Angels will be last to get their full rules and Primarch in action - make no mistake - I am very much a fan of the First.

From my perspective though, there are two really amazing sets of miniatures that were on display at the seminars that the Warhammer Community have now posted ... well, all of them are pretty amazing to be totally fair, but I'm biased and these two are really what I have been waiting to see for literally years. 


Lernaean Terminators.

The Alpharius model appears to be very true to the drawings in Extermination in regards of his armour, and his preferred weapon. The pose is clearly dynamic, looking like he is stabbing someone at his feet. I can't help but wonder who is actually at his feet. I would seriously love it to turn out that it was another Alpha Legion marine. Just because. 

I can also imagine that there will be a lot of people in the community who will be wanting at least two Alpharius miniatures. One for Omegon and one for Alpharius himself. I don't yet know if I am in that category. I could imagine doing that though: one paint scheme in traditional colours for Alpharius and a black armour set for Omegon. I wonder if there are any pose options? Or whether some conversion possibilities have been built in at all?

The Lernaean terminators are more or less what I imagined them to be. The iconography of the Alpha Legion is everywhere and they certainly look the part as well. However, this is only one terminator. I am left wondering if they will release the armaments for these in one or two different sets given that they could be set up with conversion beamers and so on. 

I must admit, I wonder if Alpharius is about the same size as his Lernaean terminators as well? Will he be able to fit in? Will the Alpharius parts be exchangeable with his body guards at all to create something more blended (e.g. the head being on a reasonably similar scale might be very interesting indeed).

Will there be a naked head for Alpharius included? Or is he just the most sensible Primarch that you ever did see and always goes in to battle with his helm on? Because, you know, it would be stupid to have the armour level of a tank with an unprotected head and all. Just saying. 

I am left with questions.
What will the full model of Alpharius look like? I need to see more! Neeeeeeddd!
What will the other squad members of the Lerneaens be armed with?
When will I be able to order them? (And will the pre-orders sell out in 2 hours flat? I hope not...!). I really want these. 
Please Forge World, let me have them! 
Love jabberjabber xx (!)


jabberjabber said...

One other thought: the picture on the Warhammer Community is slightly different to the one displayed at their open day (rotated slightly). The Lernaean is the same picture. No idea why.

WestRider said...

These were the big excitement for me as well. I recently converted up some Lerneans, but who can't use more? And seriously stoked about getting an actual Alpharius mini.

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