Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Battlescape Scenery Repairs

The piece in the photograph below is the battlescape scenery that should feature a wrecked rhino, craters and several trees.

I purchased it at a discount from a retailer a long while ago. The main reason I got it cheap was the missing component. Literally the only thing that was part of the deal was the single plastic mould. It was painted (poorly), but otherwise it was in good condition. Yet it lacked the side of the rhino, and the trees themselves.

Recently I set about to repair it. Knowing that I didn't have the bits to deal with the side of the rhino, I instead opted to make the rhino appear as if it had been buried in the muck and dirt of where it had been crippled and immobilised. This was accomplished with a generous blob of filler material from the hardware store liberally used both on the underneath of the rhino and the side. I glued on a spare roof bit, and the top hatch myself that I had lying around. 

Painting them followed using a chaos black undercoat followed by a muddy red base colour. The stone work was picked out in old dheneb stone and layered up. For the trees, I disguised the branchless stumps with a good amount of rail way style clump tree foliage.

The final ingredient (which you might not be able to pick out just by looking at it) was a true experiment. The painting of the rhino was done using nail varnish. I originally had this radical idea to use this colour on my alpha legion, but early tests didn't go so well. But, as can be seen in the image, the rhino actually looks like it has turned out okay in the end. 

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