Monday, June 3, 2013

Apocalypse Version 2. Not Reloaded!

Forget about the eldar codex.  Sure- its got Eldrad in and a bunch of other exciting things.  But I can't see traditional eldar lists changing much - they'll still have firedragons in if they did before.  The real news for me today was the second version of Apocalypse.

I'm super-excited about it.  I've always been a fan of "play everything you own" and "throw in some super heavy unusual kits" and "crazy rules" plus big blast templates.  There's little not to like.  The images that are now around the internet about the new version are exciting.  They depict a Khorne Lord of Battle updated for modern 40k.  As an old time player, I remember playing these guys in warhammer  40k Epic scale.  They were exciting as Khorne always got all the tech to make up for the lack of magic.  Afterall, he does not care from whence the blood flows (or indeed: how) - technology is simply an efficient way of letting it flow...

And then there are the new necron versions of the monoliths.  Not sure they're going to be kits (great if they are), but at first glance they look like one-off conversions.  So fingers crossed there's some exciting new kits coming out soon.

Time to dust off the Shadowsword...

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