Saturday, July 30, 2011

Balewind Vortex Sprue

The Balewind Vortex Fulcrum is sold alongside the Magewrath Throne fulcrum in the same box.  I've liked the looks of these since they were first advertized and thought they'd make some great scenery for some chaos aligned planets in the larger 40k universe. 

I've not seen many pictures of the sprues online, so I wanted to share them today.  The Balewind Vortex fulcrum is a four (yes: 4!) piece kit.  This makes it almost trivially easy for anyone to assemble it and glue together.  I've not seen such a detailed scenery kit in so few bits in a long time -- it is a refreshing change for me.  The amount of flash needed to scrape off the plastic is very minimal and I think the further degree of greenstuff work to plaster over the cracks in the vortex when assembled should also be very small.  This is one purchase that I'm very happy with!

1 comment:

ian!!!! said...

I am hoping to grab one of these for the same reason.
It would totally make good 40K terrain.

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