Friday, May 13, 2022

Plastic Sicaran

I think that I am more excited than I should be about the plastic Sicaran! This is a tank that I have wanted to get in my collection for a long while (perhaps Alpha Legion, perhaps some new project). I was on the verge of getting it just before the pandemic struck, but never did. Now that the announcement has arrived that a plastic version of it will be forth coming, I think I'm all but locked in to the idea of getting at least one of these beasts into my collection!

Love the sculpt and build of this tank overall, and the fact that it is now in plastic and looks just as good as the resin version is deeply attractive. Plus I suspect that it will be much easier to magnetize. 

I'm also really gratified by the Horus Heresy focus that is happening in general in the community web pages right now. The painting schemes and the background for the legions on a daily basis is a great move and one that I've been an avid fan of. The extended painting videos especially are a great move here and really open up a lot of ideas and options. So tempting to start a new legion to be honest!

1 comment:

Siph_Horridus said...

Yep its great news, I have one FW and a Plasma one but a plastic addition won't go amiss...

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