Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dominion of convergence: 3/3

The final part of the Dominion of Convergence is the most worn away and stripped down of the triplet. 

With this piece, it is possible to see the entire inner working of this machine. Full Necron technology on display and naked to the world save for a few bits of characteristic stonework near to the bottom of the device. The piece does look alien in origin, I'll give it that. But I'm not so sure about the whole stripping away of the stone work around the outside of the technology. It strikes me as physically rather odd looking; not withstanding the narrative of what they are supposed to be. 

In terms of construction, once again this is a very easy terrain item with minimal amount of parts being used and needed to glue together. No special notes here to make really other than to check the filing of the smoother edges prior to painting. Speaking of which, I'd better get underway with that at some point soon!

1 comment:

Siph_Horridus said...

I love the look of this set, what energy scheme are you going for?

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