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Horus Heresy 2e Review: Aetheric Lightning and Force Weapons

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
The rules are average.

Psychic Powers is a topic that my readers have long petitioned me to review formally. Given that I've now finished with the Mechanicum faction, it is high time that I looped back to redress this omission from much earlier on.

We begin our Psychic Powers review with Aetheric Lightning and Force Weapons. More will follow. 

Aetheric Lightning.
In short, the psyker unleashes lightning bolts from their hands at their target. This is very much a classic of the grim dark, and indeed many different science fiction settings that have psychic beings within them.

The range of the power is 18 inches but it is only at S=3 and AP4. Handily you get 4 shots with it to make up for the lack luster profile. 

The kicker here is the force keyword. With this, the psyker can make a psychic test prior to attacking. If successful, the the strength value is increased to 6 (but a fail is a perils of the warp as per usual). 

Some minor math-hammer then. Against marines (and used by marines), 2.67 shots will hit, and at S=3, 0.88 wounds will result and translate into 0.30 unsaved wounds. If you are successful with the psychic test, then of those 2.67 shots, 2.22 will wound and this results in 0.74 unsaved wounds. Hence a successful psychic test here is likely to be the difference between gently tickling and a palpable wound. Therefore the advice is to always attempt the force option. 

Force Weapons.
Physical force weapons come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They all do the same thing as the lightning bolts: doubling of strength when a psychic test is passed. The general rule from above is the same here: always try to activate the psychic force weapon to double your strength. This is even more important for marine on marine action since when doubled you get to S=8 (baseline marine being S=4) which is critical for those multi-wound monstrosities. Of course, this doesn't affect AP, so choose the type of weapon appropriately. 

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